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A Risk Underwriting Analytics Company

Equitable Analysis

Derive pareto-optimal frontiers to obtain equitable insights into insurance risk modeling and insights

Predictive Analytics

Our platform allows users to visualize out of sample, forecasted spatial and temporal filters, through the click of a button

AI-enabled Recommendations

Harnessing our state of the art multi-objective optimization tools, our platform aims to help organizations achieve logistics

About us

Apex Analytica provides reinsurance firms with key data-driven insights on the many ways that bias manifests in risk calculation.
With our platform, users are able to visualize and assess real-time data from disparate information segments — often key in reinsurance where current events are crucial drivers of firm and market dynamics. Through employed proprietary technology that applies cutting-edge research in statistics and machine learning, we are able to leverage data to provide newfound insights. By focusing on new forms of robustness, we are able to provide crucial analysis on how insurance can play a role in how insurance rates are assessed.

OUR Solutions

At Apex, our three-layer platform accounts for equity and macro considerations to address insurance rate assessment pain points that still need a long-term, data-driven, solution

Layer 01: Reporting
  • Acquire and leverage open-source data

  • Dynamic and customizable visualizations go beyond tools currently available in the market (Tableau)

  • Provides current topology on risk landscape and impacts of events such as natural disasters

  • Filter/study insurance risk dynamics by specific localities and time frames

Layer 02: Forecasting
  • Provide disparate modeling on risk factors in enviornments that may shift rate fynamics

  • Apply inferential statistics and complex ML models to analyze risk developments
  • Choose from a variety of actuarial and insurance models and backtest to assess impact to equitable outcomes
  • Provide maximum robustness in models provided and visualize model differences for rates in real time
Layer 03: Recommending
  • User oriented interface - input selection and specification which includes data that is analyzed

  • Multi-objective analysis - association rules and content-based filters for users to engage with

  • Equity-based insights derived based on pareto-optimal frontier that is presented to user allowing for more robust and less discriminatory risk metrics to be used

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